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A ferrous metal is any metal that is primarily composed of iron and has magnetic properties. Some common ferrous metals include steel, iron, and tin. Ferrous metals are known for their hardness, durability and tensile strength.  These properties that they possess make them perfect to be used in both the industrial and architectural sector for projects like skyscrapers, bridges, railroad projects and vehicles. Due to their magnetic properties, ferrous metals are also widely used in various appliances and engines. Ferrous metals, however, have high carbon content, which generally makes them more likely to rust.

Prepared / Unprepared Mix

Our Prepared/Unprepared Mix category includes #1 and #2 H.M.S. Scrap, #1 Unprepared Scrap and Cast Iron. These ferrous scrap specifications include iron and steel scrap that can be as thin as 1/8” thick, which would be considered #1 Unprepared Scrap or #2 H.M.S. Scrap, all the way up to thicknesses of ¼” or more, which would be considered #1 H.M.S. Scrap. We also include Cast Iron items in this category including machinery cast, stripped auto blocks, soil pipe, and other similar items. In case you were wondering, H.M.S. stands for “Heavy Melting Steel”.

Common Prepared / Unprepared ferrous metals include:

  1. Engine blocks, gears, rods, and brake rotors
  2. Structural steel
  3. Exercise weights and equipment
  4. Steel pipes
  5. Rebar
  6. Wrought iron fencing
  7. Pallet racking
  8. Car bumpers, jacks, and rims
  9. Nuts and bolts
  10. Bed frames

Tin Mix

Tin is the most commonly used ferrous metals. It is often mixed with other metals to create alloys to minimize toxicity and to create corrosion resistant properties. Bronze, for example, is the result of combining copper and tin. A significant part of the solder used in welding comes from the combination of tin with other metals, such as lead. Tin is cheaper to produce than steel and, because it is a softer metal that can be cut with little force, it is incorporated into a variety of products. We classify most ferrous metals that are less than 1/8” in thickness as a Tin Mix.

Common items made from tin include:

  1. Tin cans (coffee, soup, garbage, etc.)
  2. Bicycles
  3. Roofing sheet
  4. Metal siding
  5. BBQ’s
  6. Metal studs/framing
  7. Chain link fencing
  8. HVAC ducting
  9. Patio furniture
  10. Garage doors
  11. Car parts including fenders and doors
  12. Metal store shelving

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